Counseling for Individuals, Couples, and Families

Confusion, pain and loss bring stress and they are a part of everyone’s life. While it affects us all, it doesn’t affect us equally. Some of us have more than others. Sometimes it’s the intensity of stress and sometimes it is simply the number of stressors that throws life out of balance.

Stress erodes our confidence in our selves and in our relationships. With enough stress, any of us can feel like fighting, fleeing, fusing with another, or failing to keep our health up.

There is hope. How we respond to stress makes a difference. I believe we can make choices about our lives. You may be ready to make some changes in your life. You have found this page on the internet and may be ready to talk to a counselor in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental place.

If so, I’ll be glad to see you. The pages that follow this page will tell you about my orientation to counseling, what you can expect, how long counseling lasts, how much it costs and where I am located.

If you would like to schedule a time for us to talk, you can call me ((205) 201-0939 ) or use the appointment link below. I look forward to seeing you.

What Counseling Looks Like.

As you consider coming to counseling, I want you to know a little about what to expect. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and an elder in the United Methodist Church. As a therapist, I am grounded in Bowen Theory. You can learn more about this way of thinking at www.thebowencenter.org. As a pastoral counselor, I value the religious and spiritual dimensions of life regardless of your faith tradition. In counseling, I seek to provide a safe, confidential place to improve the parts of your life that are troubling, confusing or painful.

Confidentiality All information shared in counseling and all records are kept strictly confidential within the bounds of professional and legal requirements. A full explanation of this is included at the first meeting.

Costs The standard fee is $130 per 50 minute session. I am glad to discuss a sliding fee scale with you if needed. Counseling fees are explained at the first session.

Insurance Many insurance plans cover counseling sessions. Each person is responsible to inquire with his or her own insurance company about coverage.

How long does counseling take? Many of the issues people bring to counseling can be resolved in six to eight sessions. Some issues take longer and some less. Much of it depends on the person’s motivation and the intensity of the situation.

What can I expect in Counseling? Each counseling session is scheduled for 50 minutes. Your appointment is made to be convenient for you. After 1 to 3 visits for evaluation, goals are made and a plan to work towards those goals begins. You are in control of the pace and length of counseling.

Who seeks counseling? Anxiety affects and infects us all. Whether it is home related, work related, or interpersonal, we all have days and nights when we are not being true to ourselves. We all have times when stress is more than our ability to manage. Counseling can be helpful for anyone motivated to make changes so they can live fuller, healthier, and happier lives.

Examples of concerns that motivate people to seek counseling Family tensions Marriage problems Re-marriage issues Parenting concerns Depression Anxiety and fear Religious confusions Spiritual apathy Life transitions – school, leaving home, moving, marriage, births, deaths, retirement Eating disorders Addictions Suicide Life goals Loneliness Career confusion Grief and loss

Biographical Sketch

Stewart Allen Jackson, B.S., M.Div., D.Min., L.M.F.T.
February 2021

Dr. Jackson is a native of Birmingham, Alabama. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from Auburn University in 1971 and entered the Candler School of Theology at Emory University that fall. He was graduated from that institution in 1976 having received, with honors, the Master of Divinity and the Doctor of Ministry degrees. His doctoral project dealt with rural delinquency and the church and is entitled, “Youth Ministry with Youth: Saturday Nights in Cumming”.

Stewart is an ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church who now holds the retired status. For eight years he served in the parish in North Georgia and then came to Birmingham-Southern College as the College Chaplain in 1979. In 1982 he was additionally assigned to direct the College’s Counseling Center. He directed the college’s service-learning program from 1984 to 2004 and his work in service-learning has recently been endowed as a part of the curriculum. He has traveled and led service groups around the state, nation and world especially in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Brazil, Calcutta, Honduras, Bolivia, Johns Island, Vieques, and San Francisco. In 2000 he became the Dean of the Chapel and Clinical Director of the Counseling Center at Birmingham-Southern and began working one day a week with United Methodist Pastoral Care and Counseling as a therapist and seminar leader. He retired from the college in July 2007 and now works as a Counseling Associate at the Independent Presbyterian Church.

Stewart is a Clinical Fellow of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and a licensed Marriage and Family therapist. He has done post-doctoral study in Marriage and Family therapy with Drs. Michael Kerr, Ed Friedman, and Peter Steinke. He was awarded a Sabbath Leave Grant by the Center for Pastoral Excellence in 2008. In 2008-09 he was a post-doctoral student in family systems theory at the Bowen Family Center in Washington DC. For the past 12 years he has co-led and led Seminars for clergy and church professionals in Family Systems Theory. He has been a retreat and seminar leader for over 150 churches and organizations. Stewart’s book, Quiet Thoughts for an Anxious Time: Talks in a College Chapel collects some of his talks to students and was published in December 2009.

Stewart is married to Robin Jackson who is an artist and art teacher. They are the parents of three adult children and grandparents to seven.

Quiet Thoughts

Stewart Jackson’s book reflecting his work in college counseling. To order a copy please use my contact form


DURING THE COVID CRISIS:  I am working exclusively “on-line” using a safe zoom link to connect us.